Behind The Brand

My name is Muhammad Ashworth. I am of British & Singaporean heritage but I grew up in Saudi Arabia, in the heart of a region that celebrates all things oud and that has been steeped in the use of fine natural aromatics, resins and oils for thousands of years.

That’s where I first fell in love with oud, and where my journey into the world of natural fragrances began. And then of course, my childhood travels to Singapore and the UK, the East and the West of our beautiful planet.

The simpleness & generosity of Arabia, the far-flung exoticness of Singapore, and the luscious beauty of Britain; today, I draw inspiration from these places and others. From the raw breathtaking wilderness, from splendid ancient kingdoms, from the joyous everyday moments and everything else in between. Our fragrant world is full of inspiration and adventure.

Through Ashworth Oud, I hope I can help you in your journey to explore the world through its gorgeous scents and rare aromatics. Stay close, and happy fragrant adventuring!

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Our Story

I started Ashworth Oud as an artisanal natural perfumery dedicated to bringing you some of the finest ouds, attars and rare aromatics from around the world.

My mission is to help you explore the world: To offer you aromatic gems along your journey to discover our planet’s unique and breathtakingly beautiful scents.

From ‘new-age’ artisanal oils to age-old traditional distillations; beautiful oils come in many shapes and forms. There is beauty in both the classic and the modern, the old and the new. 

My goal, therefore, is to unearth, craft, and share with you these gorgeous natural oils wherever they may be, and from whichever school of thought or culture they come. If it’s beautiful, I’ll share it. 

That’s my promise.

Welcome to your atelier – travel far, and scent the world.

Our Perfumes

Everything at Ashworth Oud is 100% natural. I work with trusted distillers and suppliers to bring you the best ouds, attars and essential oils that I can from around the world.

Many of the distillers I work with are small-time artisans. I seek out distillers who are dedicated to their craft, who respect the integrity of these natural materials and who are passionate about the purity and quality of their oils.

I respect that, and so search high and low for this calibre of distillers; the few who are dedicated to the ancient art of distillation and natural perfumery.

The quality and authenticity of our oils is our golden standard, and something we will never compromise on.

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