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Shamamah Amber

A special traditional distillation that has been quietly macerating since 2021, I'm excited to finally release this gorgeous, all-natural Shamamah Amber attar in sandalwood oil, one of ancient India's finest aromatic achievements in my humble opinion. Shamama / Shamamatul Amber attars are complex, labour-intensive affairs that can take up to a month to distill in ancient copper ‘deg and bhapka’ pots, but the results are nothing short of a masterpiece of olfactory art by India's ancient perfume artisans. Each distilling family have their own secret recipe, but Shamamah's ingredients typically include exotic florals, woods, and spices such as oud, rose, jasmine, saffron, spikenard, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, pandanus, and sandalwood among a whole host of other natural ingredients. Scent-wise, I really enjoy this Shamamah as its notes are so finely balanced, opening up with a gorgeously diffusive bouquet of airy and musky amberiness before slowly settling down to a bed of contrasting resins, florals and spices. Overall, the scent isn't as heavy with dark base notes as some others are (which I also enjoy), but instead this takes you on a beautiful journey laden with ambers, musks, spices, florals and earthy notes that are diffusive and warm without being cloyingly heavy or sweet in any way. One of my all-time favourite attars from Kannauj’s ancient distilleries, Shamamah Amber is gorgeous worn neat as an attar or as a mid/base note ingredient in natural perfume blends. ----------------------------------------------- Collection:  Kannauj Chronicles In the Kannauj Chronicles, I explore and share with you the wonderful natural oils and attars of India’s historic perfume capital, Kannauj. The oils in this collection are pure botanical extracts and attars distilled in sandalwood oil by some of Kannauj's most renowned and trusted artisans, who share our passion for distilling the highest quality of aromatics and attars. These attars are distilled using the ancient ‘deg and bhapka’ apparatus; a traditional distilling method largely unchanged for 400 years. I hope you enjoy these breathtaking scents of nature from a bygone era, an era fast being forgotten in today's race towards modernity and industrialisation at all costs.

Sylhet Orchard

Hailing from the rolling hills of Sylhet in Bangladesh, a picturesque region resplendent with lush tea gardens and tropical rainforests, this is most definitely NOT Hindi oud as you know it. For most of us, traditional Hindi oud means barnyard and animalics. Love-it-or-hate-it affairs that are simply irreplaceable to their seasoned fans, and just downright offensive to everyone else. Enter Sylhet Orchard, an artisanal distillation that showcases what high grade, wild Bengali oud can actually smell like. Gathered predominantly from the jungles of Sylhet Division and distilled using a special setup with zero fermentation, this oud firmly closes the door of the barn behind it and takes you on a summery sunshine-filled stroll amongst Sylhet’s fragrant orchards and hills. Remarkably similar to excellent Thai or Cambodi oils, the scent opens up with a warm concoction of dark stewed fruits, honey, cinnamon and plums with a delicate tanginess reminiscent of green sultanas and hay perhaps, all streaming out together like the sun-ripened harvest of a luscious, fragrant orchard. As the scent progresses, the green sultana-like tanginess comes to the forefront alongside a leathery facet, balancing out the profile beautifully against the sweet stewed fruits, before eventually reaching a light minty and sweet woody drydown. Despite being a Bengal distillation, it’s amazing how Cambodian and Thai-esque this smells, but with a warm and radiantly yellow hue to it, and a beautifully rich and intense profile unlike many of today’s cultivated offerings from those regions. Distilled in the first half of 2021, Sylhet Orchard has been ageing with me for several months now and already its profile has become a lot more beautiful and rounded, with the harsh edges disappearing and its profile becoming sweeter and richer, and it will continue to mature with time of course.  So, if you’re in search of an outstanding and unique distillation that will challenge your perception of what a Bengal oud can be... or can’t be, or you’re simply looking for a gorgeously pretty oud masquerading à la perfume to wear on the London Underground or NYC’s subway, I would highly recommend you try this.
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