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Ambergris Rose

This is an ultra high concentration 2021 ambergris maceration in Indian sandalwood oil that is now uber smooth and buttery, with a small dose of Bulgarian rose otto added on top that acts as a gorgeous fresh cherry atop this marine musk oil. Please note that ambergris is mainly valued for its fixative properties and such it typically doesn’t really have a discernible scent, especially higher grade white and brown ambergris, which this maceration was made from (if you’re in search of a true marine and sea breeze scent, I would very highly recommend our ultra-rare Sri Lankan oud oil: Royal Serendib). However, the ambergris’s effect is very discernible, turning the sandalwood into an ultra smooth and silky affair, paired with the dash of rose that gives it a beautiful soft rosy opening without overwhelming the ambergris. As for uses, you can certainly wear this oil neat and although very much a skin scent, it leaves a beautifully soft and very lightly musky scent on you for hours. You can also use it as an excellent base/addition to create your very own perfume blends, further amping it up with rose, jasmine and all manner of natural florals and rare extracts. Please also note that the texture of this oil is grainy due to the very high concentration of ambergris.  Projection: Skin scent Longevity: Good Quantity is very limited.

Civet Vanille Musk

This is a jaw-droppingly beautiful maceration made in 2021 using Ethiopian civet musk, gorgeous vanilla beans and Indian sandalwood oil.  Perhaps one of the most unique musk macerations you’ll come across in the already rare world of natural musks, the result smells exactly as you’d imagine. Pure delicious gourmand vanilla goodness that is intense, sweet and multifaceted. Hints of chocolate, leather, creamy sandalwood and the furry-animalic-yet-caramel-like sweetness of civet musk all intertwine in this exceptionally rare and beautiful musk maceration. Projection: Moderate Longevity: Good Quantity is very limited.

Wild Siberian Musk

Unlike many deer musk macerations that mostly just smell of sandalwood, this is a gorgeous, high concentration, full-bodied wild Siberian musk maceration in Indian sandalwood oil that was made using all parts of the musk pod: grains, hair and skin and is therefore beautifully multifaceted.  With added touches of two or three select high class natural ingredients to amp up the profile, the result is a breathtaking musk oil that captures what I’d describe as the quintessential essence of a wild Siberian musk pod: Opening up with a potently animalic and indolic scent before gently descending into a sweet, smooth, and gorgeously musky-sandalwood dry-down. If you’re searching for a musk oil that authentically captures the essence of wild Siberian musk, then I’d highly recommend you try this. Projection: Soft / Skin scent Longevity: Good Quantity is very limited.