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A sensually green, zero-soak, wild oud oil from Aceh province in Indonesia, Oud Aceh Flora is a sweet, floral, and minty green beauty that reflects, in my mind, the flora of the jungle from where it hails, hence the name.

Swiping on the arm, it opens up with a strong blast of all shades of green: bright, grassy, mentholic, minty, jungly and vetivery notes, all accompanied by what reminds me of the powdery scent of rice flour, and perhaps a soft whisper of vanilla in the background.

Softening and sweetening as the scent progresses, this exquisitely bright, sweet and sour red cherry emerges, weaving in-between the soft vanilla and dark green jungles to produce what some may call a cola vibe that is simply beautiful.

Overall, however, this remains a dark green jungle-type oud which, alongside the gorgeous red cherry note mentioned earlier, also has floral, leathery, vetivery, mossy and even an almost dark, diesel-like facet to it which is hard to accurately describe, but makes it a fascinating oil in any collection.

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5 reviews for Aceh Flora

  1. Les

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This oud is cooler than Tarakan and more green. Seller was very easy to communicate with. An excellent shopping experience!

  3. Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz (verified owner)

    So this is the one that is floral, green, sweet, mysterious and lovely and have a very unique scent profile. One of the best from Ashworth Oud

  4. Olga (verified owner)

    Perfectly described by the owner – phenomenal product with delightful nuances!

  5. Bardissan isho

    Great great great stuff couldn’t believe what I was smelling at first really piece of art.

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