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Hailing from the ancient cradle of oud, this is a special 2018 co-distillation of incense-grade oud collected from various regions of Al Hind and beyond.

Artisanally distilled, with a short soak, low temperature cook, and several years of ageing now, it’s transformed into a beautifully balanced and rounded profile over time: A very refined Hindi oud full of character and depth, and yet void of all things animalics and barn.

As a high-grade Hindi, this can easily be called Kalakassi, but that term is actually a misnomer: an inaccurately-used label that’s often attached to top-drawer Hindis nowadays for marketing purposes*.

*(Kalakassi actually refers to one of the shapes of Hindi oud (wood). When a piece of oud is large and concave, i.e. resembles the shape of a banana leaf, it’s classified as Kalakassi, but that has no bearing on its grade or how resinated it is, simply its shape).

And hence, I decided to forgo this name for Choron instead, the Bengali distiller’s name for oud shavings. And not any shavings were used here; but the highly resinated shavings of wild, incense-grade oud. And the result is this gorgeous beauty…

Ultra-smooth, buttery almost, and complex, it opens up with a waft of soft incense, spices, and gentle tobacco around its beautifully dark Hindi oudy core.

As the scent develops, it gains slightly in sweetness, molasses now perhaps, contrasted by tobacco, woods, spices and leather, with a hint of hay and a clean barn somewhere in the distance, before eventually descending into a soft woody and spicy drydown.

Choron is most definitely not a loud Hindi oud roaring with animalics and barn, but it also isn’t a squeaky clean new-gen lacking in complexity and depth. Instead, it’s perhaps what many of its namesakes would love to be: A beautiful, delicate, tightrope walk between the two that shows you what Hindi oud, done right, can be.

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10 reviews for Choron

  1. pritesh

    Muhammad is such a great honest guy with world class products that are affordable. I was so impressed by everything, the communication, delivery, packaging and product. Choron is one of the nicest Hindi oils I’ve tried, the nuances are noticeable from the different shavings used for this co-distillation which are very pleasant. I cannot recommend Muhammad and his store enough to anyone who enjoys fine perfumery and oils! Get Choron whilst it’s available, it’s a must buy! Muhammad also very kindly sent samples of Madagascan Vetiver and Oud Golden Sylhet which are also impeccable, so they’re also a must try! I’m so happy there is someone in the UK representing the artisanal oud market that doesn’t charge a fortune, thank you Muhammad! At this rate, Ashworth Oud will be a household name for oud and essential oils in no time!

  2. Wayne

    Exceptional quality multifaceted oud with Perfect balance of notes , Muhammad Thank you also for Being so helpful, so impressed

  3. Mohammad afzal (verified owner)

    I have purchased a couple of ouds from Ashworth Oud and each and every single one of them is exactly as described. Powerful, long lasting an purely wild. Oud Choron in particular is a well balanced Hindi with amazing and complex notes that you will enjoy if you really know oud.

  4. Les

    A smooth and mature beauty!

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very deep and complex, less barnyardy compare to other Indian oud. A good oud, but not for me.

  6. Jonathan E. (verified owner)

    Choron is a beauty, as per the description. the barn quotient is mild but definitely present, making this oil a good intro to Hindi style oud for the uninitiated, or a good crossover choice. Very wearable and versatile in blends, as well.

  7. Bardissan isho

    Great great great stuff couldn’t believe what I was smelling at first really piece of art.

  8. Kevin

    Received today in a sample kindly offered: very good and refined oil ????

  9. Nasra nasra

    MASHALLAH THE best oud oil i have ever smelled 😍 May ALLAH pak always bless u Ameen 🙏

  10. Nasra nasra

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