Golden Sylhet

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Every once in a while, you come across an oud oil that just stops you in your tracks. It demands attention. This is one of them.

As an oud oil distilled from old wild trees from Sylhet and nearby regions, you know it’s going to be a complex Hindi oud. What you smell however is not just complex, but a sweet, leathery, barny, and smoky Bengal powerhouse that is truly captivating.

The scent opens up with an intensely rich sweetness reminiscent of overripe fruits and honey, wafting in-between layers of strong animalic leather and barnyard.

As it progresses, the exquisite sweetness is replaced by a warm, spicy, smoky, and barny leather which comes to the forefront, holding centre stage before eventually reaching a sweet woody drydown.

Gorgeously warm and radiant, if this scent had a colour it would be gold. The sweet, golden, rays of sunrise penetrating the dense jungles of Sylhet, waking its inhabitants to another day in the wild.

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14 reviews for Golden Sylhet

  1. Les

  2. Umran

    Super fast ,Excellent service and packaging,Ouds are beautiful will buy full bottle, wish I can buy all full bottles of samples send,very generous.thanks mohammad

  3. Wayne

    This OUD Could not be better explained than by Muhammad’s description.It really is sublime. Spicy candied fruits, Honey and Dry woods, No cheese or barnyard notes. I am lucky enough to have been gifted some old pure OUD dating back 50+ years from Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and this is on par. Muhammad, thank you, Your reviews were excellent, but I am blown away

  4. Paul langton

    This is a real oud coming from a certain place at a certain time. It enveloped me with its fragrance totally. Im not one for saying it smells like this or that, I just know this is a pure oud presented in its best form, fantastic.

  5. Olivia McCarten

    Beautiful oils. I purchased an Oud and saffron sandal, the seller was kind enough to send them as one package when I accidentally ordered them separately, and he refunded the shipping. To top it off, I received a free sample of sandalwood! Will be coming here for all my essential oil needs in future 🙂

  6. Andrew and Elle

    A beautiful hindi oil for those that are familiar with the classic Sylhet style. Great price for this and great service. Thank you!

  7. Sulaiman (verified owner)

    Classic Hindi oud, exact notes as Muhammad explained and long lasting, woke up to smelling its sweet woody dry down. I’m excited to buy from here again. Thank you.

  8. Umid (verified owner)

  9. compustar82

    This is a very beautiful oud oil indeed! The very slightest hint of barn in the opening but perfectly balanced with sweetness. Gives way to a very complex and long lasting dry down!

    Ashworth is an absolute gem in the industry. Their packaging shows the passion they have for their wonderful products! 😊👍

  10. Bardissan isho

    Great great great stuff couldn’t believe what I was smelling at first really piece of art.

  11. Kevin

    Oud de très bonne qualité

  12. Kevin (verified owner)

    I have ordered several times and different ouds, the quality is superb, very deep and refined. the seller is very nice and serious. I recommend. kevin from France

  13. Augagneur Kevin (verified owner)

    Great Oud, félicitations

  14. Wayne

    This is my second purchase of golden sylhet, I just had to treat myself to a backup . It really is Like a warm sunshiny morning in the jungle. Warm and radiant with a perfect balance of ripened fruits, leather, woods, And very subtle barnyard. I am not a fan of the strong cheesy or barnyard nuances in some ouds. There is only the faintest twang ,but it Is totally balanced and Adds depth and somehow amplifies the radiant warmth and juiciness of the fruits . Such tremendous value. Thank you Muhammad

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