Kupang Santal

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This gorgeous sandalwood is a 2019 co-distillation of the heartwood and roots of old, wild Santalum Album trees from Kupang, the capital of East Nusa Tenggara island in Indonesia.

With a sweet, buttery, spicy, creamy, slightly lactonic and dry-woody profile, it’s reminiscent in many ways of an excellent Mysore, and yet with a more intense character and spicy/woody richness that is simply beautiful. Perfect for when a prominent sandalwood note is desired, and, overall, an exquisite distillation that I’m proud to be able to offer you.

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9 reviews for Kupang Santal

  1. Delcan

    Great scent from this bottle of Kupang sandalwood. I decided I liked the look of this so much, I bought 4 X 3mls bottles. I was not disappointed. Beautiful oil for future musk macerations. Muhammad puts great effort into his service and the packaging is very secure and quite beautifully packaged. Arrived very quick and have since bought again from the brother… Also Muhammad is generous with his samples. So very thoughtful. Jazaka Allahu khayran ya Muhammad..

  2. Les

  3. Lesley

    This is a strong smelling Sandlewood which lasts.

  4. Saren

    Exquisite quality sandalwood. Muhammad went out his way to provide some additional samples due to some late shipping from the courier. nnCannot thank him enough for his customer care and sticking to his word. Definitely recommend his products due to quality and the brilliant customer service he provides.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    High quality sandal, a stronger version compare to Mysore sandal. Dry, woody and sweet, smells more close to high quality sandalwood incense chips.

  6. Elise

    Deep and lovely, perfect for my husband. I love natural smells, all commercial scents and fragrances smell the same to me, so it’s wonderful to come across something that’s complex and with a beautifully slow reveal, and yet authentic and natural. This is not like the Hawaii or Australian Sandalwood, but very much the authentic Sandal that we all love. Also it’s perfect for men.

  7. Jonathan

    love this hard-to-describe sandalwood, quite different from Mysore

  8. Lachlan Neal

    Wild Kupang is currently the most used Sandalwood oil in my collection. A refreshing bright citrus / frankincense top note, which develops into a buttery & resinous Santal base. The quality is superb, many people couldn’t identify this from a top notch Mysore distillation. If you love Sandalwood, I’d confidently recommend you blind buy this, especially for the excellent price.

  9. Lachlan Neal

    High quality Indonesian Santal. Fresh lime / frankincense top notes, develops into a creamy, rosy, spicy Santal woodiness. Long lasting & fulfilling to wear. Perfect for attar blending, but wears great on its own too.

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