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From a region sought-after far and wide, I’m proud to offer you this beautiful distillation of the prized wild oud of Malinau, one of the crown jewels of the island of Borneo.

Malinau Emas opens up with a soft powderiness that reminds me of Kannauj’s Henna flower – Lawsonia inermis – distillations, with their wonderfully powdery and ‘yellow’ scent. It’s a rich and fuzzy yellow that conjures up images of endless rolling fields of sweet wild flowers, sunshine and hay, all contrasted by a subtle green-mango tanginess that balances it out beautifully.

Alongside this almost powdery texture, Malinau also has a light and airy muskiness about it à la Ceylon’s walla pattas. It’s a muskiness that feels jungly, yes, but almost smells of the ocean’s breeze at the same time; as if it’s the scent of the towering jungle canopy meeting with the ocean’s waves across a sandy strip of beach.

Besides these beautiful facets, I also detect vanillic, incensey, woody and earthy notes as the oil progresses, accompanied by a touch of green mintiness as its oudy heart starts to come through before eventually reaching a soft woody drydown.

Overall, a beautiful artisanal distillation from the wild jungles of Malinau, and for those that have not experienced this Bornean profile before, one that I would very highly recommend.

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3 reviews for Malinau Emas

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a ‘bright’ oud both in the color and the smell. The scent to me is powdery, grain like at the first minute, but soon it develops into a pleasant fruity scent like raw mango and citron, on top of a bright, minty and woody background. A lovey oud.

  2. Jonathan

    I found this oud a little twangy, with a high-strung almost nervy quality I associate with newer distillations. I imagine it’ll settle nicely over time, and as is there’s a lovely woody incense that comes out in the drydown. Just needs some time to mature, I expect.

  3. Nasra nasra

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