Mysore Al Hind

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If you’re looking for a magnificent Mysore sandalwood oil, then I’d very highly recommend you try this.

Distilled from the old santalum album trees of Mysore in Al Hind, this is a gorgeous batch with intense layers of buttery, creamy, and woody goodness that make it, in my opinion, the best batch of santal that I’ve been able to offer to date.

There are many other beautiful sandalwood profiles from other regions of course, but when a Mysore like this comes along, it reminds you why it’s the golden standard and crème de la crème. Gorgeous on its own, and almost indispensable for blending and macerating, I present to you: Mysore Al Hind.



• At smaller quantities the oil is not red as in picture, but rather has a rich, yellow hue.

• The reviews below are for previous, more affordable distillations, but I’ve left them here to give you an idea of this oil.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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21 reviews for Mysore Al Hind

  1. Elyas

    Very beautiful sandalwood oil. I have a few pieces of Mysore sandalwood. The read meat. And I compared the scent profile of this oil to the wood and it’s very similar. I will be buying some more oil soon.

  2. Naveed

    Gorgeous Mysore sandalwood! Buttery, smooth and uplifting!

  3. Fabrizia

  4. Danny

    This is a 2020 distillation and as such you will first smell a bit of rawness and sharp edges. However, beyond that you will discover layer after layer of smoothness and a very delicate scent. It is like having a gentle soft spoken person in a conversation. It doesn’t seek attention, it doesn’t impose its perspective upon you. It is a good listener. At times you don’t even need to speak. It understands. Very calming indeed. It came in a very simple package. Neat and nice, exactly the way I like it.

  5. Mohd Ilhammuddin

    Its been a pleasure dealing with Brother Muhammad Ashworth. Mysore sandal oil bought from him is genuine and high quality as expected. Definitely will buy again in the future.

  6. Paul langton

    I have different mysore sandalwood, but this tops the bill. Im not saying that my others are in anyway bad because there not. This is rich and buttery and lasts on the skin a long time, if your a sandalwood lover as I am you need to have this in your collection.

  7. Heike Daniela

    It is a lovely smell. Great product, fast shipping. Thank you

  8. Delcan

    A really lovely Mysore Sandalwood oil. I bought a half Tola…mainly because the Kupang sandalwood was so aromatic, which I had bought earlier. This is top quality oil and Muhammad dispatched orders very promptly and very securely. This is yet another wonderful oil for macerations or applied alone. Creamy, vanilla notes with a typical buttery Mysore top note. Shall age well too. Highly recommended is this oil from dear brother Muhammad..Jazaka Allahu khayran ya akhi…

  9. Lesley

    I love this, it is so smooth and special.

  10. Wayne

    Thank you so much Muhammad, Such a truly uplifting Soft creamy buttery Enveloping Sandalwood ,Deliciously comforting On its own. Also works magically as a base to build on

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    High quality sandal, open with a citron/buttery scent and the following sweet scent can last for one week if apply on clothes.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is the darkest Mysore sandalwood oil I have ever experienced. It has more intense and sweet/buttery scent compare to the previous batch from this store. Even though my original purpose was to buy a lighter version such as the 2020 batch for macerating, but somehow I get this one. A big surprise and unexpected treasure.

  13. Jonathan

    To my nose, this sandal is on the dry side, with a ‘hard’ smell like the wood itself as opposed to the softer, plusher side of sandal (present in Ashworth’s Kupang sandal, for example, which I love). Though not my favorite style of oil, this Mysore is quite strong and clearly high quality, with much more character than many of the watery sandal oils currently on the market.

  14. Delcan

    This is a beautiful creamy, buttery Mysore sandalwood. It is fragrantly woody and such a lovely oil. So pleased, I had to order another Tola of it. Thank you Muhammad for all your assistance and for the sample oils you sent.
    Highly recommended Etsy shop is Ashworth. Packaged very securely and dispatched on time.
    Shop with confidence here.

  15. Lachlan Neal

    Rather than the yellow & green citrus opening you often experience in other Sandalwood distillations, this Mysore skips that brightness & goes directly into a brown & red spiciness. An dusky effect, recalling the Australian bushland in summer as the sun is going down. Soon enough, the buttery Santal base begins to reveal itself alongside a dry woody incense like air.
    Muhammad is an excellent seller. He dispatches orders quickly, is generous & has some of the best packaging in the game. He is easy to communicate with & provides excellent quality for a good price.

  16. Delcan

    This is the second 11 grm bottle I have bought from this shop. Wonderful oil. Dispatched and arrived quickly and very securely packaged. Exactly as advertised. Muhammad is excellent person to do business with and you can shop with confidence here. I shall be back again. Thanks again Muhammad

  17. Laurenthia

    Good. Just what I wanted.

  18. Wayne

    Simply the best , this is my second bottle. I had to restock.It’s the best Mysore sandalwood I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing, thank you so much Muhammad

  19. edd

    have been looking for real mysore sandlewood for ages.
    i will treasure every drop.
    great customer service

  20. Paul langton

    What a fragrance, I have a collection of sandalwood attars and this has become my favourite immediately. Its rich and buttery and has a very deep intense aroma, I certainly wouldn’t mix it as its a perfume oil in its own right. Thank you for this beautiful oil.
    kind regards Paul

  21. Wayne

    Undoubtedly the very best Mysore sandalwood I’ve ever experienced. Rich buttery layers, intoxicating and smooth.Any sandalwood lovers ,You can’t miss out on this

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