Oud Bengal Tobacco

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If I had to sum up this oud in one sentence it would be this: Fermented Tobacco.

Some ouds are meh. And some are pretty. This one is neither. It’s deep, powerful and polarising, in the way that only a traditional Hindi can be.

Distilled in Sylhet in early 2020, this is a dark oud oil that opens up with strong notes of tobacco and woods riding a wave of mild ferment and barn.

As the scent progresses, a dash of spices and toffee soon become discernible somewhere alongside wafts of leather and earth. The dark and lightly sweet notes remain until the drydown, reuniting once again with tobacco and fresh wood as the scent fades away into the horizon.


  • This is a traditional Hindi oud distillation which I would recommend for lovers of such profiles. However, if it’s your first time experiencing a traditional Hindi, please note that barnyard, animalics and cheesy notes form part of the profile, and while it’s an acquired taste and can be very beautiful to some, it can be quite challenging for those unacquainted with it.
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11 reviews for Oud Bengal Tobacco

  1. Les

  2. Umran

    Super fast ,Excellent service and packaging,Ouds are beautiful will buy full bottle, wish I can buy all full bottles of samples send,very generous.thanks mohammad

  3. Jesser

    All of the oils are very good quality with well described affordable samples. Impressed with this approachable seller.


    Really pleasant oud, after the initial high uplift the oozing comfort settles down to an appealing foray of tantalising scents, floral underscore and a quirky edge.

  5. Lesley

    Arrived within the week. Thick, good quality. Interesting mulitilayered aroma.

  6. Bilaal

    Breath taking scent that last for a long time

  7. Umid (verified owner)

  8. Kevin

    Oud de très bonne qualité

  9. Nasra nasra

    MASHALLAH the oud oil soo pure best oud oil fully satisfied and thanks for the complimentary samples,,i love ❤ both my oud oil May Allah bless u always Ameen

  10. Paul langton

    Another great oil, I am always pleased with ashworth oud purchases

  11. Deva Priya

    Incredible quality, aroma & service. Thankyou 🙏🏽🤍

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