Pink Lotus Sandal

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Distilled from one of the most prized florals in natural perfumery, this traditional Pink Lotus attar is a juxtaposition of contrasting notes in beautiful harmony.

Hailing from the artisans of Kannauj, its scent is deeply floral, gently waxy, and with raisin-and-tea-like, honeyed, spicy, earthy, and green qualities upon a creamy bed of Indian sandalwood oil. It’s a gorgeous attar that I find so soft and delicate, and yet amazingly complex and rich at the same time.

If you’ve never tried Pink Lotus as an attar before, or are looking for a personal scent with excellent depth and richness that is a joy to wear and study, then I’d highly recommend you try this.

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1 review for Pink Lotus Sandal

  1. Joan

    This is truly better than I imagined. For me it was sneaky at first. I put it on and nothing. Then about 10 minutes later…the whole room lit up with this incredible scent it blew me away…BUT! I had a close friend that was feeling down and needed cheering up, so we sat on her porch and laughed and talked and when she smelled the Lotus perfume and she literally broke down and couldn’t believe something could smell so fine, so…I quickly without hesitation gave her the most exquisite attar I ever owned…if ever so briefly…in this Covid-19 world…This is what we do!

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