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There’s vetiver, and there’s vetiver. And then there’s time. Time is an often overlooked ingredient in natural perfumery. When I first smelt this I instantly stopped what I was doing and listened. I listened intently. It was so rich, lush and mesmerisingly beautiful. This is how vetiver should be.

It’s not that there’s anything outlandishly unique about it. Quite the opposite in fact, it’s just an excellently soothing vetiver. For vetiver fans, you’ll know that not all vetivers are equal of course: some are too rooty and earthy, others too smoky and leathery, and others yet too light and watery.

But this to me is perfectly balanced. Opening with fresh grassy and sweet green hues, its lush notes are beautifully contrasted with dark, earthy and leathery qualities that keep everything in beautiful harmony.

Distilled at the end of 2018, this is by no means an old batch, but it also isn’t new. Much like oud, sandalwood and a few other oils, vetiver improves with age, and the 2+ years this has spent ageing has really rounded it off into the exuberantly rich oil it is today.

To me, this is a benchmark of how an excellent wild North Indian Ruh Khus should smell. I present to you: Ruh Khus 2018.

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14 reviews for Ruh Khus 2018

  1. Lesley

    Really like this. Smooth and more subtle than some vetiver but has its own prescense and gentleness.

  2. Manohar

    Absolutely authentic,very pleased indeed.Love it

  3. Oliver

    An absolutely glorious vetiver

  4. Elise

    This is the scent I have been looking for all my life, this is basically IT! I have a collection of over 100 essential oils and I have been blending for over 25 years in the hope of finding the one scent that can define me, and here we have it… Muhammad is an absolute top star man, this is my second purchase from him and it certainly won’t be my last. The packaging is adorable and I really appreciated the complimentary sample. Buy with confidence, fellow Etsy-ers.

  5. Sulaiman (verified owner)

    Really good khus, hits all the notes I’d want any vetiver to and is extremely balanced starting off with fresh grass and sweet green notes just as Muhammad explained, and dries down to bring in darker earthy scents and some light smoke. Would definitely recommend.

  6. Jonathan E. (verified owner)

    My first Indian Khus (vetiver) so not much basis for comparison–smells very very grassy-green, less earthy than I had imagined, and slightly watery. I was hoping for something a little richer and deeper, but that may not be what Khus is about.

  7. Mick

    Great oil and amazing packaging from AshworthOud. Muhammad was great to communicate with – thanks for the extra samples!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Samuel Egglenton

  10. kalmek17

    Responsive seller and excellent quality product.

  11. Nasra nasra

    I really love the ruh kuhs oil Muhammed soo kind to add extra sample will buy again next time with same shop thumbs up 👍✨🎇

  12. Simone

    Quality/price ratio over the top. Really recommented

  13. Susan D

    It’s a beautiful vetiver. It has been helping me when I find it hard to sleepÉ

  14. Nasra nasra

    MASHALLAH the best ruh khus oil my favorite ❤ 😍 thank u soo much for the gift Muhammad May Allah pak always keep u bless Ameen 🙌

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