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A breathtakingly sweet and rosy pink affair, this is the 2021 distillation of Taif Rose otto, an olfactory gem that I’m proud to be able to offer you – direct from its distiller in the mountains of Taif.

This oil comes from a distillery nestled within the fields of roses up in the mountains, allowing them to distill their oil from freshly-harvested roses soon after they are picked in the early hours of the morning.

The reason I mention this is that not all distilleries in Taif have their own fields, and hence can wait up to midday or beyond for their deliveries of roses to arrive, by which time of course it’s possible that the roses have started to deteriorate due to the length of time since picking, as well as the effects of heat and transportation.

Aromatically, this is the gorgeously signature Taifi Rose oil through and through, though this distillation is slightly sweeter, softer, and more rosy-pink than last year’s offering, which was more citrusy and bright.

To me, this has overtones of a very sweet, juicy and floral lychee with mild green, metallic, spicy and citrusy nuances which balance it out beautifully. Overall, a simply gorgeous aromatic that I very highly recommend.


About the Taif Rose:

Every year, around April, the gardens in the harsh and foreboding mountains of Taif turn a breathtaking pink.

No one is quite sure how the 30-petaled Damask Rose made it there. From tales of the Ottoman Empire transplanting it from the Balkans to legends of its arrival from India, the Taif Rose’s origins are shrouded in mystery.

One thing is certain, though. From the mountain gardens of Taif, today the world’s most precious rose oil descends.

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12 reviews for Taif Rose 2021

  1. muliyilr

    Absolutely gorgeous rose oil, a true world wonder and treasure. Stellar service and a wonderful vendor!

  2. Nazra

    Wow! the smell is like fresh roses. I just love it. Wish it wasnt that expensive though. Thanks so much for the free gift. I am addicted to this shop.

  3. pritesh

    All I can say is wow, Muhammad never fails to impress me with his products, customer service and positivity. This rose oil is unbelievable, I cannot express how good it smells. There are very few scents that truly wow me, that make me stop and just take a minute to recompose my thoughts and come back to reality, this is one of them! The rose froze at low temperatures too which I now is a good sign for pure rose oil! I have tried most things in Muhammad’s online stable and this for me personally takes the top spot. Once again Ashworth Oud is on its way to take the no.1 spot in essential oils, thank you Muhammad!

  4. Rehan

  5. Wayne

    Absolutely sensational. I have acquired a number of high-grade rose Oils over the last few years On a journey of olfactive and Sensory bliss & harmony. Muhammad’s taif Is the most sublime and superior, So exquisite. Thank you so much Muhammad

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)


  7. Lachlan Neal

    A very high quality Taif Rose distillation. It has all the nuances you’d expect from Taif Rose; citrus / lime brightness, luminous pink rosiness, rounded sweetness, sharp spiciness. Zero off notes. Ethereal, yet invigorating. Wears beautifully by itself, but incredible mixed with Indian Oudh. At this price, you can’t go wrong!

  8. Khalid M. (verified owner)

    My wife is and I would have given 7/10 which 3.5 from the scale given above.
    The fragrance is pleasant and good. For our budget it is relatively expensive.

  9. Lachlan Neal

    My 2nd purchase of this excellent Taif oil. Beautifully pink rosy, rounded sweetness, bright citrusy & spicy. Everything is in its right place. Ethereal & clear. I’ve tested many different Taif distillations & this is among the very best. No hesitation needed, if you love Taif Rose I’d recommend wholeheartedly.

  10. sean

    absolutely beautiful perfect in every way. I am so happy with my purchase.

  11. Nasra nasra

    the best taif rose attar oil i have ever smelled MASHALLAH thumbs up 👍 thanks for the extra sample Muhammad May ALLAH bless you🙌

  12. C

    Thank you for your offerings!

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