Tuberose Sandal

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First domesticated in modern-day Mexico, the fragrant tuberose flower adorned the gardens of the Maya and Aztecs before finding its way across the old world.

Cultivated now in India amongst other countries, this is a traditional Indian distillation of the sweet, fragrant, and waxy-white tuberose flowers in Indian sandalwood oil.

The result is this unique and beautiful attar, which displays tuberose’s intensely sweet, floral, waxy, and bitter-green scent that some may find unusual, especially if experiencing tuberose for the first time. It’s a complex scent, however, and one that I find takes time and patience to understand and appreciate just how beautiful it really is.

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2 reviews for Tuberose Sandal

  1. Nasra nasra

    MASHALLAH just wow the smell of this oil gorgeous 😍 love it Muhammad is such a nice person and very kind thanks u soo much for the samples anybody want to try this beautiful oil do try it!!!

  2. Hilly

    My first purchase and I’m already considering my next. This is a beautiful attar. The tuberose is earthy and vegetal, similar to L’Artisan’s Nuit de Tuberose but much richer and deeper because of the sandalwood. A tiny smear lasts for hours and projects surprisingly well for an oil. Also thrilled with my free sample. Very highly recommended seller.

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