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Ashworth Oud

Ruh Khus

Ruh Khus

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This is a beautiful example of India's famed Ruh Khus, the essential oil distilled from the roots of wild vetiver plants (Vetiveria zizanioides) in Northern India.

Distilled in 2020, it now has a beautifully soft and rounded profile with almost no harsh notes, displaying a soft and yet ultra-dense character instead (much like oud and sandalwood, vetiver improves with age, the scent becoming deeper and more rounded).

Testing on the skin, it opens up with a quiet, complex and yet very smooth leathery and rooty profile - a touch more than others I've encountered - before slowly revealing its classic Ruh Khus profile: an incredibly rich bouquet of green grass along with leafy, earthy, rooty, leathery and woody notes that lasts for many hours.

Gorgeous worn neat as a standalone attar, its excellent tenacity and fixative properties also make it an exceptional base note and ingredient in natural perfumery, working well in fougères, chypres and mossy, woody and green accords amongst others.

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Customer Reviews

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Ashley Pavlovic

I decided to seek out Ruh Khus from another seller when my usual seller (the wonderful Abdullah at Mellifluence Perfumes) unfortunately did not have any in stock at the time. I stumbled upon Ashworth Oud online via an online search, and decided to order Ruh Khus from here. I am very happy with the purchase; the oil is of fantastic quality, long lasting, and smells refreshing. The seller dispatched the item (and some lovely samples) quickly in a well presented package. No issues whatsoever and very happy with the purchase.

charlie tekulve

Mossy mysterious beauty

Tahira L Bateman

Thankyou , the scent I was looking for.


Came nicely packed in vials. Very strong smell and then it eases into a comfy and warm scent. Love it.

Imran Syed

Smells really nice. Deep and earthy.