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Ashworth Oud

Santal Ceylon Red

Santal Ceylon Red

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Distilled from wild santal roots in 2021, Santal Ceylon Red is a gorgeous Sri Lankan sandalwood oil oozing with notes of gourmand red woodiness throughout.

Unlike many other Sri Lankan santals which open with sharp piney-camphoric top notes - which I also adore - this oil is all about deeply rich base woods from the get-go.

Opening with freshly sawn woods alongside perhaps a slightly lactonic touch, it soon begins to transform into a sweet honeyed profile that reminds me of powdered almonds and tonka bean’s coumarinic marzipan-like goodness.

This golden-hued coumarin-like sweetness balances out a base of freshly sawn, almost dark red woods throughout the oil's journey, with some creaminess, and perhaps even a slightly musky animalic warmth deep down in its layers adding to its beautiful complexity and depth.

Overall, with its rich woody character and gorgeous sweetness, this makes for an exceptional sandalwood oil to wear neat. I also think it would work fantastically in blends and macerations, especially where musk or civet is used or where a strong woody character is desired.
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Customer Reviews

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Jan Jasicki

Light enough to wear often, still with that lovely sandalwood richness woven in. Fruity and woody at the same time

charlie tekulve

Warm and spicy


Super spicy sandal! I love this, it's a very different scent to Indian sandalwood, much zestier, not as "bright" but just downright interesting


Quality santal with origin and date of production.


Very nice sandalwood. This one has a more woody scent to it. Very true to Muhammad's description of the scent profile.