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Tuberose Sandal

From £21.00
First domesticated in modern-day Mexico, the fragrant tuberose flower adorned the gardens of the Maya and Aztecs before finding its way across the old world. Cultivated now in India amongst other countries, this is a traditional Indian distillation of the sweet, fragrant, and waxy-white tuberose flowers in Indian sandalwood oil. The result is this unique and beautiful attar, which displays tuberose's intensely sweet, floral, waxy, and bitter-green scent that some may find unusual, especially if experiencing tuberose for the first time. It's a complex scent, however, and one that I find takes time and patience to understand and appreciate just how beautiful it really is. • Please note that this attar may contain some sediment at the bottom of the vial as they are the last two bottles remaining

Wild Oud Sample Set

This Wild Oud Oil Sample Set includes tiny micro-vial samples (approximately 2 drops) of each of the oud oils currently in store, as well as unscented toothpicks for application. The oils (and cost of this set) will change depending on their availability. My aim is to make these sample sets very affordable so that you can test as many oils as possible before deciding to go for full bottles. The quantity in each vial is small but sufficient for at least two wears in my estimation. The current wild oud oils included in this set are: • Malinau Hijau • Sumbawa • Aceh Flora • Choron • Sylhet Orchard • Golden Sylhet You can read more about each of these oils on their individual listings. Just to emphasise again, many of these oils are limited and can go out of stock quickly; therefore this list will be subject to change depending on availability of oils. I will of course update this list with any changes (including price) so that you know what you're getting. Notes: • The image is for illustration only, it does not show the number/colour/profile of oils you will receive.