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Tuberose Sandalwood Attar

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This is the very special and absolutely gorgeous traditional Indian distillation of tuberose flowers in pure sandalwood oil. First domesticated in modern-day Mexico by the Mayans and Aztecs before finding its way across the old world, the fragrant tuberose flower (Polianthes tuberosa) yields its incredibly lush, heady and intensely sweet scent in this attar. Typically classed as a white floral with facets reminiscent of jasmine and gardenia, I find its scent is still very unique and yet beautiful at the same time, and I must admit that it took me a while to appreciate it and absolutely fall in love with it. Smelling on the skin, it immediately opens with a sweet cool green scent that reminds me of the freshly cut stems of flowers or the green rind of honeydew melons; that floral, honeyed, and slightly earthy sweetness tinged by a bitter green note that provides contrast and balances it out beautifully. As the scent progresses, I find that the beauitful cool green bitterness slightly recedes and the scent becomes almost narcotically sweet and fragrant, with waxy-white floral notes combining with the sandalwood's creamy woodiness to create this incredibly beautiful soliflore attar. Overall, as a natural attar, this a very complex scent that some may find unusual at first, and yet one that I find is utterly rewarding if you take the time and patience to understand and appreciate it.   Collection:  Kannauj Series In the Kannauj Series, I explore and share with you the wonderful natural oils and attars of India’s historic perfume capital, Kannauj. The oils in this collection are pure botanical extracts and attars distilled in sandalwood oil by some of Kannauj's most renowned and trusted artisans, who share our passion for distilling the highest quality aromatics and attars. These attars are distilled using the ancient ‘deg and bhapka’ apparatus; a traditional distilling method largely unchanged for 400 years. I hope you enjoy these breathtaking scents of nature from a bygone era, an era fast being forgotten in today's race towards modernity and industrialisation at all costs.