Why Choose Ashworth Oud?

We work with some of the most respected distillers and artisans around the world to bring you breathtakingly rare and beautiful ouds, musks, and natural perfumery ingredients that you can trust.

  • Artisanal Natural Perfumes

    We are dedicated to offering you the world's finest natural ouds, musks, and aromatics

  • Fast Shipping, Worldwide

    We ship worldwide at excellent rates so that you can spend more on the oils you love

  • Over 200 5-Star Reviews

    Our customers love us! Try our products and you’ll see why.

  • Quality you can trust

    Our oils are meticulously sourced and tested to ensure you receive guaranteed pure and natural oils

  • Santal Ceylon Red

    "Light enough to wear often, still with that lovely sandalwood richness woven in. Fruity and woody at the same time"

    - J. Jasicki

  • Ruh Khus 2020

    "Mossy mysterious beauty"

    - C. Tekulve

  • Bourbon Vetiver

    "Excellent vetiver oil that would be a welcome addition to any vetiver lover's collection. As usual, Muhammad's description of the scent profile is pretty much spot on" - J. CA

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