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Oud Royal Serendib

Oud Royal Serendib

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  • From Arabic سَرَنْدِيب‎ (sarandīb), from Persian سرندیپ‎ (sarandip): An ancient name of Ceylon or Sri Lanka.
    Root of the word Serendipity.

Aged for several years now, this signature green Silani oud distilled from incense-grade material by one of Ceylon’s most eminent artisanal distillers really does capture the essence of a far-flung tropical island, where the ocean breeze and salty air of white sandy beaches meet with dense green jungles and unripe exotic fruits along the shoreline.

With the passing of time, this gorgeous Silani has shed its initial intense leathery notes to reveal why it’s treasured as one of the rarest and most beautiful profiles in the world of oud: a delicate and yet breathtaking kaleidoscope of ambergris, salty sea air and marine notes carried by an undercurrent of unripe green fruits and tropical jungles to create its famed aquatic blue and green-hued profile.

Distilled: 2021

Projection: Soft

Longevity: Good



Ocean breeze

Musky marine notes

Salty seaweed

Green bananas

Tropical jungles

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