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Patchouli, India

Patchouli, India

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Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Origin: India, 2022

Process: Iron-Distilled Essential Oil, Dark

Note: Base

Perfumery: Excellent fixative

This is a gorgeous iron-distilled Indian patchouli oil bursting with its characteristically sweet, warm, rich, herbaceous, spicy, minty, woody, and earthy profile that makes it so valuable in natural perfumery and perfumery at large.

Comparing this Indian distillation to the more common Indonesian one, I personally prefer the Indian variety due to its deeper and richer profile that feels more earthy, chocolaty, and almost caramel-like in its sweetness, compared with its more herbaceous, minty and fruity Indonesian counterpart that feels lighter and more top-note heavy to me.

An incredibly versatile oil due to its outstandingly beautiful and complex profile, patchouli is a great fixative that can find use in almost all accords, from earthy, green and forest-type blends to spicy orientals, florals, and woods. It also improves with ageing if stored correctly, and should become smoother, rounder and fuller in profile with time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
April Lawson

Exactly what I expected from the description

charlie tekulve

Gorgeous patchouli, wish it lasted just a bit longer on me but beautiful nonetheless and a different profile than I’m used to.


Received this as a sample with a previous order and fell in love with it so I ordered a larger quantity. All of my purchases from Ashworth Oud have been processed and shipped quickly and all of the products have been of a high quality. Trustworthy seller whom I will return to in the future.

Kim Brown Don Lowe

Absolutly gorgouse - Iron Distilled, Dark - Patchouli Essential Oil ..will be back for more..many thanks.

Yusuf Abdullah

Different and adorable !